Reviews & Testimonials

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“The Etheredge dental team is par excellence, in my opinion. I count it a privilege to experience treatment by Dr. Etheredge and his very professional and most cordial team these past six years; it is more of a treat rather than a treatment! Courtesy and competence create the norm in the Dr. Phil Etheredge dental clinic — it’s a fun place to visit regularly!”


“When I visit Dr. Etheredge’s office, I receive quality dental care as well as excellent customer service and patient support. I feel known, welcomed, and cared for by the entire staff; the receptionists greet me personally before I’m even in the door, and Dr. Etheredge always ensures that my needs are met and my questions are answered with diligence. I leave feeling empowered to take charge of my dental health.”


“We have been patients of Dr. Philip J. Etheredge for over 20 years. As children we did not see many dentists and our teeth have been a challenge. Thanks to the planning and close attention to which teeth should receive help, and always paying attention to our physical and mental health, Dr. Etheredge has been able to help us keep most of our teeth to the ripe old age of near 80 years!

“We are grateful to Dr Etheredge and his wonderful office staff for their good humor, professional help, and continued friendship.”

-Shana and Bill

“Dr. Etheredge is the best dentist that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. From his devotion to continuous learning and incorporation of the latest technologies and practices, to his compassionate bedside manner, he and his staff are the easiest recommendation I ever make to people. I came to Dr. Etheredge with a past history of painful dentistry experiences. Dr. Etheredge patiently and kindly talked to me about my fears, and gained my trust with his gentle care. I had to have extensive re-working of past fillings, and each experience made the next one easier. His support staff rarely turn over, since it is truly like a family affair in the office, with everyone chatting and on a first-name basis. So whoever cleans your teeth will likely always be the one you see. This continuity in care, coupled with Dr. Etheredge’s attention to detail and compassion, make the entire experience a pleasure and not a chore.”


“I first met Dr. Phil Etheredge 26 years ago, shortly after we relocated to Woodinville from Eastern Washington. I was experiencing a toothache and, since I didn’t know a dentist here, consulted the Yellow Pages and called a referral service. They sent me to Phil. Shortly thereafter, it was time for my husband and kids to come in for checkups. We all clicked and soon became ‘regulars.’ We all feel like we’ve received excellent dental care, but even more than that, we have forged a lasting relationship with Phil and his staff. We know of their families and they always ask about ours. Dr. Phil and I have shared a love of reading and manage to discuss the highlights of our favorite books during my visits. Their concern for us as patients and individuals is genuine. There is a comfort and ease that we really appreciate about the care we receive. So much so, that I felt confident calling ‘Dr. Phil’ on a Saturday evening when my daughter’s bridge was knocked loose in a volleyball game. Our kids are grown and no longer live in the area, but my husband and I still see Dr. Etheredge for our dental needs. We can’t imagine going anywhere else.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Phil’s for 19 years. I appreciate that Dr. Phil and his staff are friendly, caring, professional, thorough, and efficient. The atmosphere at Dr. Phil’s office is warm and friendly. The majority of his staff have been with him for years and clearly have great working relationships. My kids love to go to see Dr. Phil and his hygienists, who are very comfortable and competent working with kids. The kids also look forward to visiting the well-stocked prize chest! We appreciate their preventative focus for all of us, always teaching us how we can better take care of our teeth. Dr. Phil and his staff have gone out of their way on numerous occasions to make sure our dental health and office visits are optimum.”


“Dr. Etheredge is gentle in spirit and in his craft; this gentleness is the reason my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Etheredge for nearly 20 years. At my last appointment, Dr. Etheredge remarked, ‘It feels a bit like we’ve grown up together,’ and he’s right! We talk about our kids, our uncooperative yards, our crazy ideas, and of course, my teeth ... and in those moments, I’m reminded that my dentist is a caring, hard-working, good man who wants his patients to feel comfortable, safe, and cared about. But what impresses me the most is Dr. Etheredge’s work in impoverished global communities, where he brings comfort to people who have so little. Dr. Etheredge has a knack for hiring good people, too. His staff is warm and friendly, and they know every patient by name. I think it’s safe to say that my husband and I will be growing old with Dr. Etheredge and his amazing team!!”


“I first came to see Phil in 1989 when I was 45 years old. Both of my front teeth were chipped at the bottom and one of those teeth was cracked down the middle. I sustained those injures when I was a 17-year-old. Phil capped those teeth. When the new caps were put on Phil showed them to me and I was ecstatic. Since then I would trust the man with the care of my soul. He is also a very gentle dentist. When I found out that every couple of years, at his own expense, Phil goes to Central America and fixes the teeth of the less fortunate, he was put on an even higher level of admiration. Several of his employees also go with him. He is a great dentist and a stellar human being.”


“Our family has had the privilege of having Dr. Etheredge as our dentist for the past 20+ years. His excellence of care and his kind nature have made us appreciate him so much over the years. Dr. Phil has kept up with the growth and maturing of each of our kids, too. Though three of our children no longer live in Kirkland, they still make the drive to come see him for their dental care. His staff is always, always courteous and very friendly, too, and we can tell that they truly care about each and every one of their patients. We highly recommend Dr. Etheredge to anyone we know who is in need of a superb dentist. Keep up the good work, Dr. Phil!”